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Having been around bikes for all our lives, the team behind bikeoftheweek have over 22 years experience in the bike industry. From early beginnings sweeping the floors at the local bike shop, to running an extensive workshop, to working in the big shops in London and Canada, these experiences have moulded us to form a unique website –

We are currently working with one shop that has so much to offer – Supercycle. A Melbourne based bike shop that was established over 50 years ago, that have been changing with the times, and have a brilliant work ethic behind them.

The deals that they come up with are the cheapest that we have ever seen in the industry.

And we have been lucky to work with such a great team.

They are located at 365 Greensborough Road Watsonia Vic 3087 (see the map below)

The contact phone number is (03)9434 3433 and they are open 7 days.

If you’d like to email the team it can be done through

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